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6 Tips To Bringing Your Baby Colic Relief

6 Tips To Bringing Your Baby Colic Relief


If your baby suffers from colic, wind or gas then you are aware of the constant, painful cries, screaming throughout the night and restlessness it brings to you, your baby and family. Below are our top tips for providing your baby with colic relief at home. 

Bicycle Legs 

When providing at-home relief for your newborn, the most recommended tactic is ‘bicycle legs for relieving your baby’s gas. By laying your baby down on their back, and holding their feet, you want to move your baby’s legs in a circular motion, bringing their knees to their chest, and then straightening them, as if they were riding a bike. By doing this, the movement may help get bubbles unstuck and move them through the intestines, so your baby can pass them naturally.

‘I Love U’ Massage 

In alignment with the bicycle legs, the ‘I love u’ massage is a great way to help release your baby’s trapped gas for them to pass naturally. As the name suggests, the idea of the massage is the write “I L U” on your bubs tummy with small, consistent pats. You start with the “I” by patting your bubs tummy from chest to pelvis. Then, ‘L’ is from chest to tummy, finishing on the left side. Finally, the ‘U’ is a pat from one side of the chest, down to the tummy, and back up to the other side. Doing this after a warm bath can promote your baby’s intestines to elevate gas. 

Warm Bath

In conjunction with massages, we also recommend bathing your baby in a warm bath, with a washcloth placed on their tummy. A warm bath has the ability to provide your baby with pain relief, as well, as ease your bubs digestive discomfort by relaxing their stomachs and intestines. 

A Change of Diet 

If breastfeeding, your diet may be the underlying issue for your baby’s colic. As a baby’s stomach is immature, lacking the appropriate enzymes to digest particular foods. By minimising your intake of inflammatory foods, such as dairy, soy, spice, garlic and legumes, you may see changes in your baby’s gas and digestive discomfort. However, while a diet change may help, we always suggest talking to your doctor about making changes to both your and your baby’s diet. 

Tried the above and still noticed your baby has Colic. It may be time to introduce over-the-counter or herbal products to assist your baby’s digestive system. 

Baby Probiotics

Why incorporating the above, it is also beneficial to incorporate a breastfeeding probiotic or infant-safe probiotic into your diet. There are several great probiotics that can be found at your local chemist. 

Colic Tea 

Based on our founder on struggles with her daughter’s colic, our Colic Tea was made by her naturopathic mother with 4 ingredients that help alleviate gas and colic pain. With Aniseed, Caraway, Fennel and Nettle. Aniseed - The actions of this herb are carminative and anti-spasmodic and a galactagogue that supports normal lactation.Caraway- Caraway’s actions are carminative, anti-spasmodic and galactagogue. It is a calming herb that is used to ease flatulence and colic, especially in children.  Like Aniseed, it can also stimulate the appetite. Nettle- nettle is often included in a herbal blend because of its long history of use as a ‘tonic’ or strengthening herb, especially after childbirth, and for its iron content. Fennel- Fennel’s actions are carminative, anti-spasmodic and galactagogue. 

By incorporating both natural products, diet changes and simple remedies at home, you may be able to help alleviate your baby’s colic. It should be noted that, that while the above is a great starting point in helping your baby, it is always recommended to seek professional advice. It should also be noted that, Colic typically occurs between 3-6 months, with most children growing out of it as their stomach develops. So whilst it may seem like you’re failing, note, that this too shall pass. You’ve got this mama!

Jordana Edwards is founder of Clean Tea Australia and The Breastfeeding Tea Co. Created in 2013 in collaboration with her naturopath mother, Jordana first sold Clean Tea at the markets in Byron Bay before growing her “little tea stall” into a multimillion dollar ecommerce global business.As the recipient of an astounding 5 awards at the 2020 Ausmumprenuer Awards, this business powerhouse has also been listed as one of the 2020 Remodista International “Women to Watch” in business disruption, as well as being a nominee as a Facebook “Community Leader” for her work training, mentoring and supporting women in business in her local and rural area.