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From the mothers who brought you Clean Tea, we are proud to launch our sister brand The Breastfeeding Tea Co. Simple and natural breastfeeding teas, made by mother nature. 

Clean Tea first started as a market stall in Byron Bay in 2013 with just 3 teas made by hand by Founder, Jordana Edwards and her Naturopath Mum, Amanda. Clean Tea quickly grew into an established tea brand offering over 50 hand blended teas including the famous Mothers Love tea which has helped thousands and thousands of mums with breastfeeding challenges around the world.

The Breastfeeding Tea Co is our way of simplifying our solutions and helping more Mothers around the world.

Our Colic tea, formerly known as ‘Mothers Love Tea’ by Clean Tea’ is beneficial to the digestive system for mum and baby, this nourishing combination of herbs helps to calm babies tummy and digestion. Lactation tea is designed for breastfeeding mums to help support lactation and milk supply.

Our breastfeeding teas are designed by a herbalist and lovingly hand blended by our all-female team. We only use premium organic herbs in our specialist teas and donate 1% of all sales to 1% for the Planet. We care about our children, our planet and everyone’s birthright to health and happiness and we’re doing all that we can to contribute to a world where everyone has a bright and thriving future.


“I am so grateful that  we are able to create tea blends that are beneficial, satisfying and therapeutic. Each tea is skilfully created by my mum and I and our small team of women (who are all Mums) who hand blend and package every tea”


Hi, Im Jordana, CEO and Founder of The Breastfeeding Tea Co and Clean Tea. 

"I grew up watching my mum heal people with her naturopathy and herbal knowledge. When I started Clean Tea 8 years ago, I didn't realise at the time, but I was actually choosing to follow her healing path. I am so grateful that together we have been able to create tea blends that are beneficial, satisfying and therapeutic."
The Breastfeeding Tea Co was developed through my own struggles with breastfeeding. I am so excited to launch The Breastfeeding Tea Co, and follow my passion and purpose to help and support as many women as I can through their motherhood journeys. Truly, nothing has made me happier than the thousands and thousands of emails, comments and reviews that we have helped change the lives of women and babies. It is so rewarding to know our simple products can be so powerful. Thank you to all our customers for your years of support and thank you for joining us on this new journey. 

Amanda Hunter

Hi, I’m Amanda, our in-house Naturopath with over 20 years’ experience as a Naturopath and Medical Herbalist, and I’m Jordana’s Mum! 

After my first visit to a naturopath about 25 years ago, I knew this was something I had to know more about. After three years of full-time study and winning the Best Overall Naturopath Award, I began to practice in the profession I still love and believe in with a passion. Over the next twenty years, I worked hard to develop a high level of knowledge in the naturopathic field and to maintain the highest standard of care.

I have had my own practice during that time but have also been privileged to work alongside other experienced practitioners, including doctors. Much of my focus and interest has been on the health of the digestive tract (gut) – the old saying “your health begins in the gut” is so true. Your gut influences every aspect of your health and when everything in that area is balanced and healthy, you feel so good and over time, notice other health problems start to drop away.

Stress and stress management, depression and anxiety, hormonal imbalances, immune system problems, pain management and cardiovascular problems are other areas in which I have worked extensively.


Rene Sandeman

Hi, I’m Rene. I am an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Midwife and Breastfeeding Counsellor. 

Whilst working with families as a midwife, I realised I was so passionate about the importance of breastfeeding and how difficult it can be for some mothers and babies, and have since had the honour of working with a vast amount of families over the years, to help them overcome the many different challenges breastfeeding can present. My experience ranges from antenatal education and expressing, through to all other aspects of breastfeeding issues such as damaged nipples, engorgement, low supply, low weight gain, oversupply, nipple shields, tongue tie, mastitis, blocked ducts, vasospasm, blebs, thrush, breast refusal, re-lactation and the list goes on!

Personally, I have been lucky enough to have breastfed all six of my wonderful children, each one unique. My goal in life is to use both my experience as a mother, volunteer and health professional to educate, promote and support mothers breastfeeding one, two or more babies at the same time. I love my work and find it so very rewarding helping a mother and her baby share a positive breastfeeding journey together. Visit Rene's website or Facebook page 



Hi, my name is Dr Petra and I am a Chiropractor and mother to one beautiful daughter. My husband and I run an vibrant and wholistic family practice in Pottsville, northern NSW. Much of my clinical focus is on pregnancy and paediatrics, and I am one of a few Chiropractors to have completed the Australian College of Chiropractic Pediatric Diplomate (DACCP).

My passion for maternity and paediatric based care began during my own pregnancy in 2013. Within one month, I had become a new mother, a recently graduated chiropractor and had just moved back to Australia from New Zealand. Navigating the beginning of my career, while battling my own breastfeeding difficulties, it became apparent to me how crucial it is to support women through their pre and post natal journey — physically, biochemically and emotionally.

Breastfeeding, albeit, an amazing, natural process between a mother and her newborn, can be a challenging one. My objective is to assist both mother and newborn to ensure that this often difficult process can be as easy as possible.


Jo Milligan

Hi I am Jo. I am the Customer Service Manager at The Breastfeeding Tea Co,  and the mother of 2 beautiful girls. I have worked with Jordana at Clean Tea for 3 years and absolutely love what I do. I am so excited to be a part of the team at The Breastfeeding Tea co to help as many women as we can with our breastfeeding tea solutions. So if you have a question, query, or concern, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help. My promise to you is to ship your orders as quickly and efficiently as we can. If you have any concerns about your order tracking, we are always here to help.