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Can I drink this tea when pregnant?

Our Pregnancy Tea is safe in Pregnancy. 
The herbs in the Breastfeeding Teas; Colic Tea, Mama Tea and Lactation Tea  are specific to breastfeeding, some of the herbs are not recommended in pregnancy. The tea can be drunk from birth.

Are your teas vegan?

Yes, all our teas are 100% vegan and blended in a factory that contains no other animal or animal by products

Are your teas gluten free?
Yes, all our teas are 100% gluten free

Are your teas organic?
Yes, all herbs are 100% Australian organic ingredients


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Customer Service

For all online customer service and order enquiries, either email us at or call/text us on +61 499 191 971 between 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday (ADEST)


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Safety & Health Information

    • Do not drink hot tea over top of your baby while in the act of breastfeeding to avoid burns – we recommend consuming before feeding.
    • Our breastfeeding tea has been designed by our naturopath specifically to help support milk supply in breastfeeding mothers. Some of these amazing herbs are not recommended in pregnancy. We do not advise drinking the tea until the birth of your baby. All teas are safe to be drunk from birth 
    • Do not give tea directly to your baby.
    • The tea bags are plastic free, GMO-Free, all-natural and fully biodegradable. There are no chemicals used in the manufacture of the material.
    • Mother’s should seek advise from a doctor or professional lactation consultant for any medical advice in regards to their babies health, wellbeing or attachment
    • This product is a herbal tea. If you are pregnant, nursing and have any concerns please consult your health care practitioner before taking this tea.

Tea is Food, not medicine.

The plant kingdom is an abundant and rich resource for anyone interested in maintaining health and preventing disease. Herbs and herbal teas are a part of that wonderful resource.

Herbs taken as a tea, don’t act as a direct medicine, but as a gentle support for health and healthy function. They form part of our “food” and have been celebrated as such for centuries.

Herbal teas are a safe and gentle way to access the properties of the herbs, as part of our diet.

Herbal medicine, which concentrates the active ingredients of the herb or plant into a herbal tincture, is very different. It needs TGA approval for use and requires a prescription from a professionally trained and qualified Herbalist.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration clearly states that: “Generally a product that is swallowed will be either one form of a therapeutic good (a medicine) or a food.

Often, claims made about a product or the appearance of the product may suggest that it is a therapeutic good. However, the fact that health claims are made about a product does not automatically make it a therapeutic good.”

Therefore, all teas made by The Breastfeeding Tea Co are deemed a food with therapeutic benefits and are not medicine nor required to be registered with the TGA.

Allergic Reactions/ Drug Interactions

ALLERGIC REACTIONS – It is the consumers responsibility to check the ingredients for allergies before purchasing or consuming our teas . The Breastfeeding Tea Co cannot be held responsible for individual reactions or irritations from a product. We highly recommend you thoroughly read the ingredients list we include on every product page on our website to ensure the ingredients are safe for you to use. We would also encourage you to contact our customer service via email if you have any doubt about an ingredient or require further information on any product before purchase.

Should you have an allergic reaction we suggest you cease drinking the tea immediately and contact your doctor for further clarification on the allergy . No refunds will be issues for allergic reactions.

DRUG INTERACTIONS- It is the consumers responsibility to check the ingredients are safe to drink with their prescribed drugs or prescription medicine. Please consult your doctor for advice.

Nut Allergies
None of our Tea range contains any traces of nuts. They are also crafted in a kitchen that does not process nuts

The Hot Chocolate may contain traces of nuts

Hallal & Vegan 
All our teas are both Vegan & Hallal. The Hot Chocolate contains bovine collagen which is neither Vegan nor Hallal