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Fantastic Lactation drink

The hot chocolate tastes the same in the cafe. It tastes really good and helped me to increase my milk supply.


I purchased this thinking it would be good to assist with my milk supply, in all honesty I didn’t think it would taste that great but was happy to buy for the benefits. After the first night (I had for my sweet treat after dinner) I’ve now had one each day. It honestly tastes SO good, just like a chocolate milkshake or hot chocolate you’d buy from a cafe.
I will definitely be repurchasing and 200% recommend this product.

Lactation Hot Chocolate with Collagen (DF, SF)

Mum & Bub's Essentials

The Lactation Hot Chocolate with Collagen is amazing! I am very glad that i found these product because it works wonders not just for me but also for my little one. I really love the effect of collagen which gives me radiant skin especially during sleepless nights. My milk supply also increased significantly which makes my lil one happy and satisfied.
Thank you for creating this for product for Mums like me, you guys are superstars!❤️

Lactation Tea
Ebony Purton
Lactation tea saved my milk supply

I thought this tea on a whim thinking it may work but not very hopeful, it had all the herbs in it that were suggested by my doctor to improve my supply so I thought I would give it a shot. Taste was different but with a couple teaspoons of sugar and some milk you couldn’t notice. I made the tea as per instructions, I had one cup of the tea and BOOM my milk supply has doubled, my boobs were bigger and full of milk!!! I have two teas a day, one to start my morning off and one before my feeds through the night. It has literally changed my life! Thankyou so much Breasfeeding Tea team! You have made me a very happy mumma and made my baby so excited to spend more time on the boob with more milk so I’m not having to top up with formula anymore!

Essentials Bundle
Irene Efstratiou
Great bundle and great products

I recommend these products they are all 3 effective.

Essentials Bundle
Natasha Holzheimer
Great value for money and they taste so good!

I’ve been looking for Colic tea for quite some time so was super excited to finally find some and then found out The Breastfeeding Tea Co had this bundle so I had to get some right away. The colic tea is so nice and easy to drink - I’m not a big tea person - and it’s helped my milk supply so much within a few days of starting. The hot chocolate is absolutely delicious too! Thank you again!


The tea did not do much for my bubs unfortunately. She is still up and down with her gas/wind pain and it even seems to be getting worse, but there could be other issues that need attention in order for the problems to subside.

Hot Chocolate

The hot chocolate has been so amazing!
I have seen such an increase in my milk supply since starting to drink it. It’s something I look forward to after those late night/early morning feeds.

Colostrum Collection Kit
Jemma Finlayson
Colostrum collecting kit

I really like that it comes in a cute little bag that is discreet and I can use as a clutch later. There are plenty of different size syringes which is handy as this early on, some days there will be more than others. This is the second time I have used the product and it’s all so great and compact. Last time I popped the whole bag in the freezer ready for my husband to grab and throw in an Eskimo to take to the hospital so I plan on doing that again for ease.

Colic Tea
Great taste

I like the tea a lot! It has a great taste and I look forward to having it in the morning :)

Lactation Hot Chocolate with Collagen (DF, SF)

Delicious and very helpful in increasing milk supply

Loved it!

I loved this tea during my 3rd trimester. I took 2 or 3 teas daily with cranberry juice, and had a relatively easy labour being a first-time mum. The whole labour and delivery took around 6 hours. Loved it, I am now taking the lactation tea and my milk supply is great.

Essentials Bundle
Luísa Gomes
Mum’s comfort moment

These products are really a comfort for exhausted mum’s , very tasty and with a wonderful smell and at same time, can improve the quality of the breastmilk!

Lactation Hot Chocolate with Collagen (DF, SF)

Yep enuf said had my daughter at hot chocolate 😆she loves it but can’t wait till winter 🥶 to enjoy it even more 😂all round great taste and helps with milk supply so I’m happy if she’s happy and bubs is happy . Happy nanny .

My daughter absolutely loves this chai latte she said there wasn’t much out there for breastfeeding mums to try without upsetting bubby but so far so good 😊

Colic Tea

Absolutely brilliant product . Bought for my daughter as a surprise 😮 as she’s been drinking this tea and found it very helpful. Works really well without using all the chemical products out there …

Lactation Hot Chocolate with Collagen (DF, SF)
Jenny Briffa
Works the magic

Tastes great whether its hot or cold but I prefer it cold. Tho the chocolate powder does stay at the bottom of the cup no matter how I stir it so I gotta keep stirring the drink until I finish it. Function wise, it does work.

Works like magic!

It actually increased my supply ive noticed. Im only having one cup a day. And two teaspoons. I love the flavour too. However i have to keep stirring it up otherwise the chai flavour stays at the bottom.

Lactation Hot Chocolate with Collagen (DF, SF)

I cant say I've seen an increase in my milk as I have a very low supply but this hot chocolate is really delicious and I look forward to drinking it :)

Lactation Hot Chocolate with Collagen (DF, SF)
Samantha Corbin
Didn't increase milk supply

Unfortunately didn't increase my milk supply at all, even when drinking it three days a day. Positive side, it tasted nice.

A breastfeeding must!

Absolutely love this lactation chai! Have tried a few and this is by far the best. Great taste and texture (have found others a bit grainy). Look forward to my iced chai everyday in the current hot weather. Am already a fan of the lactation hot choc with collagen. Will definitely be re-ordering these both

Helped me so much

I bought this tea to help me with my milk and it really works. Like really. As my doctor tried to give me pills for lactation but i wanted to try something herbal! Buy it and you will not regret it.

Great Products

Recently purchased the bundle and so far have genuinely enjoyed the hot chocolate and the tea! Shipping was also quick which is a big plus when you’re having supply issues. Will purchase again!