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Colic Tea
Sally Cuoco
Great taste

I certainly saw a change in my twins behaviour after trying this tea. Great taste and will buy again

BF hack - Dairy free mocha

My babe has a dairy and soy intolerance where I have had to cut from my diet - I have missed the extra calories I need from hot chocolates and this has been perfect at night time. I have even been able to use as dairy and soy free mocha.
I cant rate from lactation perspective and always believe the best way to increase supply is influence increased demand as our Mother Nature intends.

Loving it so much I had to order more.!!

Been really happy to come across this tea I’m currently 4 months postpartum and started drinking it maybe when I was 2 months post birth and I find it calms my postnatal anxiety at night ! but also the Hibiscus has been great for my blood pressure as I developed postpartum preeclampsia, so it’s just great to know I am drinking something that has soo many amazing natural healing herbs for my body. Definitely will be a repeat customer just because I know it has lots of benefits. Thanks

Tea and Hot Choc Bundle- 20% OFF
Stephanie Fitzpatrick

I ordered the tea and hot chocolate bundle in a last minute act of desperation to build my milk supply! And it did not disappoint 🙌 if I drink the tea before going to bed I wake up bursting 💥 it is insane just how fast it works! (I don’t actually love the taste of it the tea, but will drink it because it works! ) if you are struggling with supple 10/10 recommend the breastfeeding tea! It is 💯

Total lifesaver!!

The one product I recommend to any new mum. I found the teas with my first son 2+years ago and made sure I had them on hand when bub no2 came around. The Colic tea is a game changer and mixed with the lactation tea 🤯🤯 100% recommend to anyone+

Colic tea

Tea takes quite pleasant. I haven’t seen any improvement in baby’s symptoms yet, but will finish the box and hopefully see a happier bub.

Colic Tea
Tamara Kalantzis
It works!

I love this tea. I enjoy drinking it and I noticed my bubs was pretty settled.. until I ran out! So I ordered 6 more boxes 🙂

Colic Tea
Kristen Clinch
Game Changer

Stopped my sons reflux meds and tried this. THIS product is the miracle I was waiting for!!
I have a completely different newborn. Thank you!!!
Pre ordered 6 more boxes, I’m scared to run out now.

Hot Choc Bundle

Love the hot chocolates, definitely my favourite of the range. I have noticed my supply has increased with 1-2 hot chocs and 1-2 teas, either lactation or colic variety, daily. Loved the 30% discount deal on the bundle!

Lactation Tea
Simge Karakus
Amazing product& excellent customer service

I was really excited about my lactation tea & colic tea orders. I was worried about my milk supply but even I drink my lactation tea twice a week, the result is significant. Highly recommended

Delicious daily treat

I'm not sure if this has actually increased my supply as I've been using it since day 1 - but I can say that I've never worried that baby isn't getting what he needs. I look forward to this delicious treat daily, often twice, knowing there's no nasties in it and it's good for me physically and mentally/emotionally #selfcare repeatedly keep stocked up on this stuff x

Lactation Hot Chocolate with Collagen

Super delicious and comes with Collagen, which is a plus point.
As a mother, you want to give yourself some quiet and relaxation time and where you can enjoy your time with this super delicious Collagen Hot Chocolate with milk.

Colic Tea
Alecia S

I've used this tea with 2 of my kids and it has been amazing for reflux and helping them with wind. I'm not usually a tea drinker but 2 cups a day was all it took to make a huge difference.

Bought for DIL

Daughter In law enjoys the taste, feels there is some increase in supply.


I really enjoy this hot chocolate, I've never tried a vegan version of hot chocolate before and was really impressed with the flavour, consistency and level of sweetness. Mixed with a cup of warm Almond milk it is satisfying for the sweet tooth and filling.

It’s magic

I ordered the hot choc and lactation tea combo and it arrived this morning so I made myself an iced chocolate. You only need one spoon and it tastes great! No weird collagen taste at all! After a drop in supply over the last fortnight I was having trouble getting much while pumping and had to pump for 2-3x as long as usual. I tried pumping a few hours after I had my iced choc and it took half the time it would usually take to pump on a good day!


Worked same day I received the package drank the tea there was an increase in my supply. Nice soothing relaxing tea. The hot chocolate is quite yummy too !

Beneficial and Delicious

I normally hate tea on its own but I am able to drink the Colic Tea with no added sugar, and enjoy it. Not only that, but it’s definitely helped with the lil one. She’s been able to release better.

As for the Hot Chocolate, LOVE LOVE LOVE. I could drink it all day. It’s helped my supply and I’ve been able to create a good Milk stash to provide anyone who’d like to babysit. Before, I was only able to collect about 50ml both sides before and now I’m able to do up to 120ml. I’ll be repurchasing for sure.


I drink this as an iced drink every afternoon when the sugar cravings hit. I absolutely love it and I definitely noticed my supply increase after a few days of drinking it!

Life saver!

This tea is literally the only reason I continued breastfeeding beyond 6 weeks. I was having the toughest time with my supply and everything changed after I got this tea. I can't recommend this tea enough! I also don't usually drink green tea (I'm an English breakfast with lots of milk kind of gal) but this is delicious warm or cold!

Oh my goodness, your review brought me to tears! After my own struggles, I started this business to help women breastfeed with natural support, and to hear your story that you were able to continue feeding, absolutely filled my heart with pure joy! Thank you so much for your lovely review and sharing your journey with us x

Colostrum kit

I'm so glad I added this to my order previously before I deliver, helps me with expressing my milk, very helpful!!!
Delivery was quick than expected, was very pleased!

Incredible Lactation Drink!!!

These lactation tea and Hot Chocolate with collagen is a magic! It taste awesome and helps me a lot with my milk supply, delivery was very prompt after 2 days it arrives, pretty sure have another order!

Lactation Hot Chocolate

Loving the hot chocolates! So so yummy and added benefit of being natural and breastfeeding safe.

Lactation Hot Chocolate with Collagen

I drink this as an iced chocolate every afternoon when the chocolate cravings hit. It's so delicious and I definitely noticed a difference to my supply!!

Lactation Hot Chocolate with Collagen
Anne Luvant
Not bad

I’m not a fan of hot chocolate drink but this one is actually very easy to drink, it’s not heavy compare to other drinks.