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So good

I have purchased the breastfeeding tea (ordered twice), hot chocolate, and chai latte and all are fantastic. I actually found my supply went lower when I ran out! I like the flavour of the tea - not over powering and easy to drink, the hot chocolate and chai are good as well just don't add a huge cup of milk as the taste isn't as strong. I highly recommend.

Lactation Tea
Emma Van Acker
My daily essential

I love your lactation tea. I drink it 2 times a day and it has helped my supply so much! A true life saver.

Perfect bundle! I brought it for myself and used everything!

Did not work for me

I have had a box of tea and a bag of hot chocolate but it has not worked yet. I take 3 tea or chocolate everyday. I hope it will kick in soon.

The powders for the hot chocolate and chai latte do not dissolve well leaving a gritty mixture in the bottom of the milk and not much flavour throughout the rest.

I love this tea it tastes great and definitely helps boost supply when needed and wonderful to use to help bring your milk in to meet supply. Absolutely love it

Best product on the market!

I have struggled with low supply issues in all 3 pregnancies and I have tried every product available on the market. This one is the best by far! Definitely give it a try if you want a major boost!

Very expensive

I bought 2 of the hot chocolate large bags and 6 tea bag boxes for a total of $218 and I’m struggling to see my value for money. The hot chocolate is def delicious - tastes like Oliver brown - but really for this price I just don’t get it. The ingredients list place the collagen at the end at 1% so it is not a major ingredient. I also don’t know how much brewers yeast is actually in it. A whole pack of brewers yeast is $6 at Woolies so why am I paying this much?? The tea is tasty but again I am paying $1 per tea bag.. whereas I paid $4 for the same size box raspberry tea from chemist warehouse. Also the tea bag label at the end of the string is a generic one. For the price I’m paying I would have expected a more luxury tea tag. From a milk supply perspective I am. 2.5 weeks post partum and pump up to 35ml of milk a session so there has been an increase but it was extremely gradual. I started drinking the hot choc and tea straight after delivery and couldn’t even get 5ml until 1 week later

I have noticed an increase in my supply when have this daily! I’m not a tea drinker but this tea is delicious and love a the hot chocolate mix!

Tea and Hot Choc Bundle
Natasha Lidington
Absolutely worth it!!

My friend recommended the breastfeeding tea co as nothing has helped me so far increase my supply and I was almost ready to give up but kept holding on in hopes I find something that will help me!! Well it’s been 2 days and tho not a massive increase iv gone from doing 60mls every 4hrs to 80mls and it’s increasing more!! I hate hot drinks so I have the tea and hot chocolate cold and mmm yum 😋 will be ordering more soon 😍 thank you 😁

CMPI baby

My little one has a cow’s milk protein intolerance and this has been a great replacement for my after dinner chocolate cravings!

Deluxe Lactation Bundle
Ashley Harding
Great Deal and Delicious

easy to make, very tasty and enjoyable! I have the chai in the mornings, tea during the day and the hot chocolate in the evenings. I love them all and have kept restocking throughout my breastfeeding journey!

Tasty treat for the cooler nights.

Colic Tea
Hannah N
Seems to help!

There’s very limited scientific evidence out there about the efficacy of these kinds of teas, and a lot of anecdotal evidence, so let me add my experience to the mix:
It seems to help! My 2nd child was very colicky from about 2 weeks old. We couldn’t put him down without him screaming. Tried burping him more and tried sleeping with head elevated… nothing was working, and we didn't know what to do about it because the advice doctors give is “it will pass in a few months time”. However, we needed more sleep and more hands-free time now because we also have a toddler to look after.
At 6 weeks we were exhausted. Obviously did a heck of a lot of googling like any good parent, and found this site and this particular tea. What have we got to lose?
Gained much by giving it a try - baby is now much easier to settle and is happy to chill out while I attend to my toddler. Happy days!

Chai latte is sensational!

Personally not a chai person but I thought I would try it out while also supporting a family business. It is amazing, it's so smooth and flavourful. Noy only that but my milk supply is overboard. A chai morning and night, honestly I can't live without it

Lactation Tea
Charlene Gibson
Lactation tea


Chai latte


Tastes terrible, couldn’t even finish 1 cup. Very disappointed and wish I didn’t bother

Hi Eve, I was so saddened to read you didn't enjoy the chai latte. It is a blend sold in thousands of cafe's Australia wide, I am sorry you didn't like it.
Can you elaborate a little more on the taste so we can better improve the product?
If you would like us to exchange it for our Hot Chocolate instead, we can offer you an alternative? Thank you, Jordana

Was amazing but I didn't get to finish the pack as my bub decided that she didn't want breastmilk at daycare only at home.

Highly recommend

Highly recommend!
Great taste and increased my supply.

Amazing product! 200% recommend.

Very satisfying when hot.

Mother's Day Bundle - limited edition

All products are delicious and my milk supply has most definitely increased too. I look forward to ordering more in future.


I don't know what magic is in this tea but I have been trying this for less than a week and from day one there was an increase of milk that I didn't need to substitute (I'm usually 1 serving short). I'm not an oversupplied and usually have just enough for baby. It is nice that I now have 1 serving extra like i used to. In a day I get about 750mls total. I have just 1 cup of tea and a hot choc a day so wonder what output I will get if I have more. I have tested with just 1 tea and it is jist enough. This is the third brand ive used and this one has the most results. Look forward to purchasing more <3

Here's a photo of 2 out of 5 pumps for the day. It is now satisfying to pour it all into the mason jar!

Lovely tea 🫶