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The hot chocolate tastes just like traditional hot chocolate. It’s unbelievably delicious. I got two small pack unfortunately ones seem was popped open a bit but luckily one was still fine and I’m a big fan. The tea is also really tasty and easy to drink.


I have been using this tea for 3 years with my 1st, I recently had my 2nd and have continued using it, I call it My lifesaver , the first week I was waiting for my delivery, and my son was so colicky and unsettled I couldn't wait for my order to get here, once it did I had it straight away, 3 cups a day and within a few days everything settled down and bub was no longer in pain. Highly recommend.


I normally just buy colic tea , but managed to get a free laction hot choc and it Tastes just like a hot chocolate! Delicious! This will be added to my order each time now ! Yummmm

Fantastic Taste!

When I ordered the lactation hot chocolate I thought it wouldn’t taste as good as what you would get at a cafe’ or restaurant. I was wrong. It tastes great, and my milk supply is in full force.

Tea & Hot chocolate

So delicious! Loves these products

Lactation Tea
Dushica Poposki
The best tea ever!!!

My supply wasn't the best and after recommendation from another mum I ordered the Lactation tea. Just after 3 days of drinking my supply increased massively. Every session I pumped out 200/250mls 4 weeks postpartum. My GP was amazed too 😊Highly recommended to all breastfeeding mums

Great tea

Love the tea but I misread the website and thought the hot chocolate was gluten free given the tea in the pack was. Bit of a waste for me but the tea is tasty.

Lactation Tea
Sharna Bell

Right now I’m thinking not so great because I still haven’t received my order

Yummy and tasty

It's very tasty with rich chocolate flavour and not too sweet it's colour is also attractive

Colic Tea
Michelle Watt
Colic tea

I was sceptical but have noticed a huge difference in my baby’s temperament when I have been consuming the tea

Great tea

Great taste and definitely made a difference with my milk supply

It’s like a big warm hug

I have this hoping it will maintain my supply but it also is like a big warm hug in a mug when you feel exhausted postpartum

Lactation Tea
Karleigh N
My wind down

Love the lactation tea. I have a cup once our kids are in bed and it’s the perfect wind down drink. Coming out of winter I will start having this chilled 🥰 it’s also amazing to know this helps my supply whilst also being enjoyable.

Essentials Tea Bundle
Haylee Partridge

Still awaiting the delivery. Seems to be going back and fourth between QLD and NSW

I love the tea it tastes amazing and i feel the difference

Tea and Hot Choc Bundle
Stephanie Kirkland
Absolutely love!

We absolutely love the hot chocolate and the lactation tea! I’m not much of a tea drinker but have found this enjoyable and the hot chocolate actually tastes great!
I didn’t think I’d initially noticed a difference until I ran out 😅 then realised how much it actually made a difference! 3rd baby and 1st I’ve been able to BF and so glad I have these fantastic products to help us in our journey! One happy mumma and one nice and full baby ❤️

Tastes yum and works a treat

I can't get enough of this tea. I also noticed bubs burps quicker when I drink the tea. I was hesitant initially but certainly noticed a big difference after I started taking the tea. The taste is lovely too. I am not a tea person but I can't help having atleast a glass of this tea a day. Absolutely amazing!

Would recommend

I was quite sceptical about this tea working. I have actually noticed a the severity of my baby's wind has decreased. I only have 1 cup a day and noticed the difference straight away.

Colic Tea
Great Taste

Had 1-2 cups a day for 3 weeks but unfortunately this did work for our little one. Still a great tasting tea.

this tea is amazing

OMG, it worked straight away after my first cup! This is amazing! Highly recommend. My baby sleep like a baby now!

Yummy Hot Chocolate

Lactation Hot choc with Collagen definitely lives up to its name. So good, clearly works like the other products I’ve tried and used from this company. Stress levels when it come to feeding are down which is what is most important for me. Thanks again!

Absolutely delicious, the hot chocolate is a yummy treat that has become my little bedtime ritual and the tea tastes amazing too. I was concerned about my supply before but I’m now producing plenty of milk. The packaging is really beautiful and luxurious too so these would make a great gift for a new mum!


Love my items arrived very quickly
Looking forward to adding these to my daily routine once Bub arrives

Happy Bub happy mum

So happy with this tea! I started drinking the tea each day for a week and really liked the taste so didn’t think much about whether or not it was helping. I then stopped drinking it for a week then started again. This time the change was obvious too me. I’m sure it was the first time too I just didn’t think to notice. My son started being more settled within 24 hours and is a happier baby in general now. I initially bought 2 boxes and have come back for 3 more

Lactation Tea
Nasrin Ghazi

Lactation Tea