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Pregnancy Tea
Angela Delauney
Clients give rave reviews

Our clients love your Tea.

Colic Tea
Frances C.

Colic Tea

Waking up full!

All I can say is wow, 1 cup before bed and by the morning I'm feeling like I did the first week my milk came in. It's given me peace of mind and reduced my anxiety towards not having enough supply for my boy.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ .. I struggled with supply for my first baby so I wanted to be prepared for my second .. this drink Tastes SO delicious and makes a noticeable difference in my supply on the days I drink it! Most days I just have 1 but some days 2 and it’s 100% helping!! Love this!! It’s such a lovely way to end the day before bed with some ‘me time’ but I’ve also been mixing with (decaf) coffee in the morning for my morning mocha .. LOVING this! I’ve just ordered my next bag!! HIGHLY recommend!

Lactation Hot Chocolate

This hot chocolate actually tastes nice and has become a part of my wind-down evening routine.

Pregnancy Tea
Brooklyn Wright
Great tea!

Taste so much better to any other pregnancy tea I’ve had and is great to finish a long day with!

Good taste

This has not really worked for me, I've been drinking the tea at least twice a day and the hot chocolate once a day, but my milk supply hasn't changed. The tea doesn't taste bad, and the hot chocolate is nice.

The best ever

I've been tries different brands of lactation hot chocolate and you guys the winner !!! Taste just so good , and of course really help me with my milk supply .

I’m in my 3rd trimester, been enjoying it for a week now love it

A Warm Chocolate Hug

Love my lactation hot chocolate! Definitely keeps my supply up for my newborn.
Delicious as a warm night cap during winter or added to my mild morning coffee to make a mocha! 🩷

Colic Tea
Love love love this tea!! Pure Magic in a Cup!!

Pure Magic in a Cup!! My little man now has minimal wind and we are both much happier and less stressed since I’ve been drinking this tea. Definitely noticed the difference in him when out of supply for a few days. And it’s taste great, nice refreshing alternative to caffeine!

Colic Tea
Tiffany Bobeldyk
Makes a difference!

3rd time mum here so little time for things that don’t work, luckily this one does! We definitely noticed a difference with our little man, so much so that it’s become a necessary part of our night time routine. X

The BEST lactation hot choc!

I've tried a few different hot chocolates and I keep coming back to this! It's delicious and the added bonus of collagen is a win. My nails are longer and stronger than ever and I think it's definitely keeping my postpartum hair loss to a minimum. Not too sure about impact on milk supply, but I just love a cup of this hot chocolate as part of my morning :)

Amazing products

Really helped me with my milk supply as I am only able to express this made it possible for me to still exclusively feed my baby breast milk!
Thank you xx

Favourite addition to my bedtime routine!

I have loved having my hot choccie before bed. I love knowing I’m fuelling my body right to support my little man’s growth and development. Best thing I’ve purchased for myself and I feel healthier for it!

Colic Tea
Can’t live without it!

This colic tea has done wonders for my baby! He can burp and pass wind with ease and no longer wakes in the middle of the night crying from pain! 100% recommend to anyone who is has a little one experiencing the same gassy problems.

Colic Tea
Berenice Talamantes
I think it worked

There was less crying.

Delicious and effective

Slightly bitter and a rich cocoa taste. Tastes great hot and cold with cow and soy milk. Improved my milk supply and collagen for my skin is a big bonus. Love it!

Lactation Tea
Shilo Oldfield
Awesome product

Love this product, i was shocked with how quickly it started working , it’s really helped with my volume. So grateful I found this tea

Tasty and really works

Love everything about it! The hot chocolate is delicious and really helps with my milk supply. Going to order more!

Colic tea and lactation tea and hot chocolate

Really amazing product, my son was more settled, having the colic tea, in my cultural we give the baby 1ml of aniseed to 10ml as they get older to helo with wind and stomach issues, amd the mothers drink fennel, so it does work, lactation tea is so yum, i did see a difference in my milk!.
Hot chocolate was a hit, made it for me and my visitors so yum with great ingredients :)
Very happy with your product will order more soon!

Does the job!

My milk supply has increased right after using the product

Colic Tea
Saviour of our peace

Bubs doesn't cry or get colicky since I drink this tea twice a day. It saves us both feeling terrible about the situation. She is able to pass gas so easily and without such discomfort. I combine this with the lactation tea which is also amazing.

Lactation Tea
Keeping up my supply

This tea is super helpful for keeping up my milk supply. I combine it with the colic tea (amazing) and have it 2 times a day. Works wonders and I actually feel really healthy within myself after drinking it.

Sample Box
Shilo Oldfield

Loved the sample box , gave me a taste of all they offered🙌🏽