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Hi, Jordana here, the founder of The Breastfeeding Tea Co. 

I created our first breastfeeding tea after the birth of my 3rd child Tiffany, who was experiencing a lot of difficulty latching, had silent reflux and was a really difficult baby to feed. I had very little guidance around lactation, I wasn’t getting any sleep, I felt exhausted and desperate and was still trying to run a growing tea business and look after and care for my family.

My Mum (a naturopath) made me a tea to help and I started drinking it… it was exactly the solution I needed!  Shortly after we introduced it into our original tea company, Clean Tea, hoping it would help other mothers in the same way.

It went on to help thousands and thousands of mums around Australia. Within months we were getting feedback from mums such as “I’m only two days into drinking it and my babies tummy has settled so much already! He’s so much happier and actually slept a lot better last night” 

Our tea company, Clean Tea, sold over 50 blends of teas and our breastfeeding teas very quickly became our best sellers. To this day nothing makes me happier than receiving a message from a Mother who has been struggling to breastfeed their baby, and after using our teas, is able to do so and can enjoy their connection and experience fully with their baby. 

I know how painful and hard not being able to breastfeed your child is and, I know we can help even more mothers in the future!

The Breastfeeding Tea Co is our way of simplifying our solutions for mums who are tired and exhausted and feel like they have tried everything. In everything we do, we want to make life easier for you. 

My personal purpose is to support as many mothers and babies as we can around the world.

My promise to you is that we will always be here, and we will do everything that we can to help support and care for you and your baby.

Jordana x 


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The Breastfeeding Tea Co is a proud supporter of Femeconomy and believes that if women start channelling their collective purchasing power towards brands that have women in leadership, we will impact bottom lines, leading to more women in leadership to advance gender equality!

Award Winning Tea 

Founder of Clean Tea and The Breastfeeding Tea Co., Jordana Edwards,  officially swept up five awards at the 2020 AusMumpreneur Awards.

Jordana received Gold for the Food & Beverage Award, Gold for the Regional Business Award, Silver for the People Choice Award, Bronze for the AusMumpreneur of the Year and Bronze for the Product Innovation Award.

The AusMumpreneur Awards, a national and highly prestigious awards program, applauds and acknowledges the outstanding achievements of Australian mums in small business. Running for the past ten years, it celebrates success in business, product development, innovation and customer service.

In 2020, they have over 42 award categories, 420 finalists and 84 judges. The AusMumpreneur of the Year finalists undergo rigorous judging and must be in business for over 5 years.