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Is it safe to take collagen during pregnancy?

Is it safe to take collagen during pregnancy?


There are a lot of things to consider when you’re expecting a baby, and ensuring the supplements and vitamins you put in your body are safe is another consideration to add to the list. 

Ensuring you are putting the right vitamins and minerals into the body as you grow your baby is an important step in ensuring you are focusing on optimal fetal health and understanding that the vitamins and minerals you might have been taking before falling pregnant are suitable is an important consideration. 

If you have been wondering if collagen is safe during pregnancy, cast your worry aside, it is not only safe but a great addition to your pregnancy health and wellness routine. 

In this article, we outline the benefits and things you should know about collagen during pregnancy. 

Can you take collagen when pregnant?

Naturopaths and studies have shown that it is entirely safe to consume collagen during pregnancy. 

Collagen works to boost the elasticity of your skin, bones, cartilage and much more, allowing you to feel beautiful from the inside out while carrying your baby. 

The peptides found in collagen are amino rich and, when added to food or drink, work to improve protein levels in pregnant women, prevent stretch marks, and relieve joint pain during pregnancy which can be caused as the pelvis and joints lose their usual stability due to the changing pregnancy body. 

Ask your midwife and prenatal team to find out more about the benefits of collagen on the body and how it can help during pregnancy and postpartum. 

Benefits of collagen during pregnancy:

While there are plenty of great benefits of adding collagen to your routine during pregnancy, here are some of the most well-known benefits to be aware of:

Strengthening of joints and ligaments 

Adding pregnancy weight and the changes of pregnancy to the body can mean you add pressure on your bones, ligaments and cartilage, and collagen can help to reduce joint pain and support the musculoskeletal system in the body. 

Boosts elasticity in your skin 

Stretch marks during pregnancy and after the arrival of a baby can be an issue, and when you are growing your baby, you can have the peace of mind you are adding collagen to your body to protect the elasticity of the skin, particularly around your belly. 

Enhances your protein intake

When you’re growing a baby, you need all the extra protein you can get to help support your body and ensure you are getting the recommended dose of protein each day. Adding a teaspoon of collagen to your favourite food or drink is a simple and effective way to boost your protein intake with ease. 

Easy to drink in a hot drink, food or a glass of water

With barely any flavour or taste, you can add collagen to just about anything you eat or drink. Add it to your favourite tea, juice or water or cook it in your meals. Adding supplements to your diet during pregnancy has never been simpler. 

It is safe to say collagen works to nourish your skin, hair, and nails from within, as well as strengthen your ligament and joints during pregnancy. 

Packed with collagen peptides, vitamin C and zinc, products made from collagen is a fantastic addition to your pregnancy routine and can help to provide the natural support your body craves during pregnancy and beyond. 

Can you take collagen while trying to conceive?

There are absolutely no issues taking collagen when you are trying to conceive; in actual fact, adding collagen to your diet is a wonderful addition to your supplements and won’t have any issues with your fertility. 

Collagen is safe to take while pregnant and while breastfeeding, making it a wonderful vitamin to include in your beauty routine. 

Why you should take collagen during pregnancy:

Packed with fantastic protein, collagen is a wonderful protein to add to the body during pregnancy, thanks to the way it helps to strengthen your bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments during the pregnancy process. 

Natural and safe to be consumed during pregnancy, collagen boosts your protein intake and supports your skin elasticity, providing plenty of wonderful benefits you will appreciate once your little bundle of joy arrives! 

It is well known that collagen can be pregnancy & breastfeeding safe - plus, it is the perfect way to add some extra nutrients to your body during pregnancy. 

Explore our collagen product from The Breastfeeding Tea Co

The Breastfeeding Tea Co.’s Lactation Hot Chocolate with Collagen is a great addition to any expectant or new mama's diet.  Packed with all the essential nutrients required for a healthy mum and baby, collagen is safe and full of great benefits for breastfeeding mothers. 

Benefits of collagen during pregnancy include reducing skin wrinkles and smooth fine lines, Increasing skin hydration and improving moisture levels, Increasing skin elasticity, antioxidant protection, supporting healthy hair & nails, and boosting skin healing.  


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