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Lactation Tea



Australia's Best fenugreek-free herbal tea containing 4 "lactogenic" ingredients to support your breastmilk supply.

Finalists in Clean + Conscious award 2022 for safe, ethical, sustainable and responsible product!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Amazing! After only 3 cups my supply had increased. Lovely to drink, I enjoy it cold too!" 

Also available to support your supply, LACTATION HOT CHOCOLATE WITH COLLAGEN. and our LACTATION TEA & HOT CHOC BUNDLE ( NOW 20% OFF!)

The Lactation Tea has a floral flavour with notes of hibiscus, rose and rosehip

    For tea for windy or colic babies - see our COLIC TEA. These teas can be drunk alone or are complimentary together. Still pregnant? We recommend our Pregnancy Tea to prepare your body for birth and breastfeeding

    Also available discounted in our in Breastfeeding Bundle or Essentials BundleSip now and pay later with Afterpay

    The Australia Breastfeeding Association states DEMAND = SUPPLY. In conjunction with any lactation tea or cookies, removing milk from the breast is the best way to support the supply 


    "I am currently both expressing and breastfeeding however, watching my little man grow and need more milk I had horrible anxiety that very soon I wouldn’t have enough milk to support his needs as he grows. I’ve been so sceptical about lactation products because I’m gluten intolerant (and most lactation products are full of gluten) but thought I’d try The Breastfeeding Tea Co Gluten free and Vegan range. In about 4 days of having 1x tea, 1x hot choccie and 1x cookie per day. My supply has tripled! I’m even able to freeze my milk now because I have so much. They have made me so much more relaxed by taking this weight off my shoulders" Megan

    "The taste is delicious the postage was so fast" Juliane 

  • Natural and Organic ingredients
  • Fenugreek free
  • Colic Friendly
  • Caffeine-free
  • Hydrating
  • Hand blended
  • Australian Owned and Made
  • Naturally FREE FROM gluten, soy and dairy, and sugar. 
  • Naturopath Formulated
  • Recyclable and compostable packaging (tea bags option)
  • The tea bags are plastic-free, GMO-Free, all-natural and fully biodegradable,
  • made from cornstarch fibre. There are no chemicals used in the manufacture of the material
  • Teas expire approx 12 months from the purchase date. 
  • Can be used alone or in conjunction with any Lactation food products or over-the-counter medicines


        Goats Rue, Blessed Thistle, Nettle, Vervain, Lemongrass, Hibiscus, Rose and Rosehip

        Goats Rue – Traditionally Goats Rue was considered to be a potent galactagogue (increases milk production) and Goats Rue has a long history of use for this purpose. It has been shown to increase milk output by up to 50% in some cases (Hoffman, The New Holistic Herbal). (5)

        Blessed Thistle - Traditionally Blessed or Holy Thistle was seen as a cure-all for anything – it was highly valued. Today, Blessed Thistle is primarily used for lactating mothers to improve milk supply and is considered to be one of the best herbs to do this. Its other properties include a long history of use for gas, constipation and stomach pain and in a 2015 study, as a member of the Asteraceae family of plants, it was found to also possess some anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. (6)

        Nettle – Traditionally used as a galactagogue for nursing mothers, Nettle also has a strengthening and supporting role in the body. It does contain some iron and is often used by herbalists as a tonic herb to both nourish and balance energy after childbirth. It combines well with Goats Rue and Blessed Thistle to promote the flow of breast milk for lactating mothers.(7)

        Vervain – A nervous system tonic that supports milk flow, it also strengthens the nervous system and at the same time relaxes tension. It has properties that help the digestive system when you’re stressed or under pressure. The gut is very affected by stress or depression, making Vervain a perfect herb to choose (8)

        Lemongrass - Supports milk flow and digestion. It also promotes lymph flow (very important in the removal of wastes and toxins) is anti-inflammatory and calming. (9)

        Hibiscus - contains vitamin C, minerals and anthocyanins (antioxidants), and has been shown to help reduce inflammation and stress. (10)

        Rose - Helps anxiety (calming), and skin conditions and is great for viral infections. Its calming properties work well in this formula. (11)

        Rosehip - Essentially a calming tonic rich in vitamins and antioxidants. It is an excellent spleen/stomach and adrenal tonic – an organ that tends to be affected by childbirth, lack of sleep and breastfeeding. (12)

        ( note this tea does not contain fenugreek)


        Drink 1 cup a day for a mild effect, and up to 3 cups a day for a full effect. Can be drunk hot or chilled after brewing. 

        Suitable for mum to drink from birth

        Lactation products are suggested to be consumed after feeding/ pumping when the breast is empty to help replenish and increase supply. But can also be enjoyed any time of the day to maintain supply.


        Does Lactation Tea Work?

        Want to know if our 5-star Lactation Tea Works, Click the blog here explaining how.

        How long does it take for lactation tea to work?

        Our Lactation Tea typically takes between 1-3 days to start to take effect. It is best to start with 3 cups per day, after feeds to replenish the supply. Once the supply has increased, the number of cups can be reduced to maintain.

        When should I start drinking lactation tea?

        Lactation Tea can be consumed from birth, and taken throughout your breastfeeding journey, as a way to not only increase supply but maintain it also. 



        Customer Reviews

        Based on 105 reviews
        Simge Karakus
        Amazing product& excellent customer service

        I was really excited about my lactation tea & colic tea orders. I was worried about my milk supply but even I drink my lactation tea twice a week, the result is significant. Highly recommended

        Rose C

        Worked same day I received the package drank the tea there was an increase in my supply. Nice soothing relaxing tea. The hot chocolate is quite yummy too !

        Life saver!

        This tea is literally the only reason I continued breastfeeding beyond 6 weeks. I was having the toughest time with my supply and everything changed after I got this tea. I can't recommend this tea enough! I also don't usually drink green tea (I'm an English breakfast with lots of milk kind of gal) but this is delicious warm or cold!

        Oh my goodness, your review brought me to tears! After my own struggles, I started this business to help women breastfeed with natural support, and to hear your story that you were able to continue feeding, absolutely filled my heart with pure joy! Thank you so much for your lovely review and sharing your journey with us x

        Titty tea

        I have twins in the NICU and I’ve been so stressed out the past week after losing my milk supply, I started drinking a double dosage on Sunday and pumping and it’s all returned 😆

        Wonderful taste

        I prefer my tea stronger and hence I bought the loose tea option. Love the taste very much and my milk supply is maintained. However, I haven’t been able to see the loose tea leaf option stock now for a while. I hope they stock that soon.