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 A delightful blend of herbs, lactation tea is a popular natural choice for mums during their postpartum journey to boost milk supply for babies. Created using herbs that are well known to boost lactation, this tea is commonly used by new mums to ensure baby is satisfied and there is an abundance of milk.

In this article, we explore whether lactation tea works, what herbs are in lactation tea and whether it is safe for breastfeeding mothers to consume.

So...Does Lactation Tea Really Work?

Mums of newborns and mums-to-be are always on the hunt for the best way to ensure a solid supply of breastmilk. If you have started to explore ways to boost breastmilk supply or ensure you’re up to date with some natural ways to enhance supply for your child, lactation tea could be a wonderful way to get around any breastfeeding challenging and assist in milk production.

The big question asked by many, is does lactation tea work? Using herbs to support lactation is not a new thing; it’s something that has been used worldwide for generations. Natural ingredients such as goats rue, blessed thistle, nettle, vervain, lemongrass, hibiscus, rose, and rosehip all work to support breastmilk and enhance lactation.

 What is in lactation tea?

While each blend will be unique, The Breastfeeding Tea Co has created a natural and organic blend of lactation tea that is caffeine-free, hand-blended and naturally free from gluten, soy, diary, and sugar.

 Ingredients in lactation tea include:

-   Goats rue – this natural ingredient is a key ingredient to increasing milk production and has been shown to increase milk supply by up to 50%. Goats rue has been used historically for lactation, and there is a great deal of research to show its benefits.

 -   Blessed thistle – a cure-all that has been used to boost the mother’s milk supply and oxytocin which releases milk in the female body. Blessed thistle works by increasing prolactin levels, which then works to promote the flow of breastmilk in a lactating mother’s body.

-   Nettle – with nourishing and balancing effects, nettle used in lactation tea works to boost energy after childbirth and support the mother’s body as lactation commences. The herb works to promote the flow of breastmilk and works with the nerves in the nipple to become activated.

 -   Vervain – working with the nervous system, this beneficial herb strengthens the nervous system and relaxes any tension in the body to allow for successful lactation and breastfeeding. Vervain works closely with the gut to ensure a positive boost to the digestive system.

-   Lemongrass – an ingredient that is commonly used to promote lymph flow, lemongrass is commonly used in anti-inflammation and to reduce stress. When the body is relaxed and calm, lactation is much easier for the body.

-   Hibiscus – packed with antioxidants, this hibiscus herb is nourished with vitamin c, antioxidants and minerals and can reduce stress and help with any issues a mother is experiencing with inflammation.

 -   Rosehip – working with the spleen and stomach, rosehip as a herbal ingredient in lactation tea is calming and packed with antioxidants and can work as an adrenal tonic. Helping the adrenals is essential after childbirth and during breastfeeding.

-   Rose – known for its calming benefits, rose is essential to help with viral infections, anxiety and to boost the clarity of the skin.

Combined together, these organic and herbal ingredients are blended to create a lactation tea that works to help mothers boost breastmilk supply. Lactation tea can be consumed from birth and the combination of four lactogenic ingredients are well known to provide lactation.

 Is Lactation Tea Safe?

Lactation tea from The Breastfeeding Tea Co is created using natural and organic ingredients. The tea is caffeine-free, hand-blended, Australian owned and made, and naturopath formulated.

You can have peace of mind you are purchasing a lactation tea that is free from gluten, soy, diary, fenugreek and sugar and expertly formulated as a natural and safe solution for lactation.

Won’t it give my baby colic?

Our lactation tea is organic and formulated using the finest natural ingredients. All ingredients are free from gluten, soy, diary, and sugar, making it safe for mother and baby.

You can use lactation tea and colic tea at the same time due to their complementary benefits. Both tea blends have their own benefits and work well together. Colic tea’s natural ingredients include aniseed, caraway, nettle, and fennel, and both blends are a great way to boost lactation and help relieve babies with colic or wind.

Still Not Sure? Check out the Science

If you’d like to see the research and science behind the ingredients that go into lactation tea, check out this blog for more information. There are some fantastic global resources gathered to keep consumers up to date on all the latest herbs and organic ingredients to help mother and baby on their breastfeeding journey..

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