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Colic Tea for Breastfeeding Mothers: Does It Work?

Colic Tea for Breastfeeding Mothers: Does It Work?


If you have a little baby that is crying and fussing for apparently no reason and you have fed, changed and ensured all the usual steps have been taken care of, you might have a baby experiencing colic.

Often babies from a few days to a few weeks old can spend long stretches of time crying and upset, and while parents might have done everything they can to calm them, a baby with colic often needs a simple treatment to ease the discomfort and relieve symptoms commonly associated with colic. 

What is Colic? And How Long Does It Last?

Often experienced from newborn stage and lasting up to 4 months in some cases, colic is pain or discomfort in the digestive system. 

Colic in babies can cause the little ones to cry for long periods of time for no known reason, clench their fists, scream in pain and generally appear to be really upset when they should be otherwise happy and healthy. 

Some of the reasons why medical professionals believe colic occurs in babies include issues with an immature digestive system, sensitivity to milk, and possibly indigestion.  

How to Help a Colic Baby

To help with the symptoms of colic in babies, it is often recommended to consume food and beverages such as colic tea which include herbs and ingredients that are well known to assist with the effects of colic. 

How Does Colic Tea Work?

While colic is often only an issue that will occur for the short term, a few weeks or even a few months can seem like an eternity with a crying and upset baby. If you are waiting for a baby to grow out of colic, consuming organic and natural colic tea infused with beneficial ingredients can assist in reducing colic symptoms for babies.

When consumed daily, colic tea (add internal link: can help to improve colic symptoms in babies within a few days - providing relief for parents and children.

How Long Does Colic Tea Take To Work?

When consuming from 1 cup a day to up to 3 cups a day for maximum effect, mothers can expect babies to see a reduction in symptoms within 2 to 3 days. 

Even better, colic tea can be brewed and served hot or cold, providing a range of options for busy mothers taking care of their little ones.

Is it safe?

Colic tea is 100% natural and made from organic ingredients, which means that it is 100% safe for mother and child. The Breastfeeding Tea Co Colic Tea (add internal link: is formulated by a naturopath and is free from gluten, soy, dairy and sugar. 

The tea is also caffeine-free and suitable to be consumed by breastfeeding mothers from birth. 

Add a tea bag or a spoonful of loose leaf tea to hot water, or simply use a handy pyramid tea bag of colic tea to experience the benefits. Simple and effective, colic tea is safe for babies and a quick and easy way to soothe issues associated with digestion discomfort and colic.

What’s In Colic Tea?

Natural ingredients such as aniseed, caraway, nettle and fennel in The Breastfeeding Tea Co Colic Tea work with Medical Herbalists (add internal link: to naturally soothe babies' colic symptoms, calming them down and relieving tummy discomfort and digestion in breastfed babies. 

Mums on the go can brew the colic tea and enjoy it hot or cold, and the tea can be combined with lactation cookies (add internal link: , lactation tea or colic tea and cookie bundles for maximum effect.

To find out more about colic tea and what foods to avoid when breastfeeding and assist with colic symptoms in breastfed babies, check out this blog.

Check out the Science / Benefits of Colic Tea

If you’d like to see the research and science behind the ingredients that go into Colic Tea, check out our references below for more information. There are some fantastic global resources gathered to keep consumers up to date on all the latest herbs and organic ingredients to help mother and baby on their breastfeeding journey.

References provided by our consulting naturopath and medical herbalist: 

Aniseed -  an anti-spasmodic and carminative, Aniseed eases griping, intestinal colic and flatulence. Traditional use in Western Herbal Medicine to relieve flatulence and abdominal bloating

Ref:  1.  Hoffman, The New Holistic Herbal  2.. Mediherb

Caraway - a carminative and anti-spasmodic, Carraway eases flatulence and intestinal colic, especially in children.

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Nettle - a tonic herb with a long history of use for this purpose.

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Fennel - traditional use for flatulence and colic - especially in infants.  It is a carminative and anti-spasmodic.

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