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baby crying from wind of colic



Is your baby suffering from colic and wind? Check out foods to avoid if your baby has colic.

As parents, we all want to ensure our babies are happy, healthy and as comfortable as they can be, and if your Bub has ever suffered from colic, you’ll be well aware of how uncomfortable, irritated and fussy colic can be for a baby. 

It’s no wonder babies cry when they experience colic, with babies as young as two weeks to approximate 4-months often experiencing the stomach pain and discomfort that is caused by colic. 

The tell-tale signs of colic - what every parent must know 

One of the tell-tale signs of a baby with colic is the ongoing crying, high pitched screams, clenched fists and tense body. 

You’ll be pleased to know, some symptoms of colic can be reduced in your baby by changing your food choices while you are breastfeeding, ensuring the symptoms are reduced and more manageable until Bub grows out of the condition. 

All babies cry; however, if your baby is making jerky movements and you can tell their body is uncomfortable due to wind, you might want to see if you can give the baby some relief by following a diet that can naturally help to reduce the issues your baby might have with colic. 

We’ve put together a handy list of foods to avoid if your baby is experiencing colic while breastfeeding. 

Foods you can avoid while breastfeeding a colic baby 

Gluten - wheat and other gluten containing grains - is a common contributor to increasing colic in babies. If you have a baby that is sensitive to  the gluten you are eating and is showing signs of colic, avoid wheat, oats, barley and rye where possible.  Lower gluten grains like spelt and kamut may be okay.  Switching to a gluten free alternative is simple and can make a huge difference. 

Garlic and onions - avoid veggies including garlic, onions, cabbage, turnips, broccoli, and beans as they are commonly associated with affecting a mother’s breastmilk and can increase colic in a baby’s tummy.  Curries can be a problem too,  if you didn’t have them regularly while pregnant. 

Dairy - milk products such as milk, cheese, ice cream and other dairy can cause wind in babies and if your baby is experiencing colic symptoms, this is a simple way to try and avoid gas and wind in your Bub. There are plenty of dairy alternatives that will taste good and ensure your baby is happier without the effects of wind that can be really unsettling for a newborn. 

Caffeinated drinks - if you love your caffeine, but it’s causing discomfort to your baby, you might need to go without the tea or coffee or switch to a natural or organic tea that is calming for the baby’s tummy. 

Specific fruits - such as apricots, rhubarb, prunes, melons, and peaches can cause a flare-up of colic for your baby, so avoid these fruits where possible if you have a baby that is sensitive to wind. 

The Breastfeeding Tea Co have a Colic Tea which has been formulated by a naturopath with natural and calming ingredients to help relieve wind for babies experiencing colic. Check out the colic tea here or the website for more info. 

It’s recommended to manage your diet by avoiding foods in your diet that increase the issues a baby can have through your breastmilk. Record what you’re eating each day in a log and monitor how fussy your baby is to get an idea of what foods might be causing the upset in the tummy.

Eliminating certain foods that may cause colic can lead to a happier and healthier baby and a more rested mama! Find out more by exploring the range of breastfeeding safe and pregnancy teas at The Breastfeeding Tea Co

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