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How Do I Know if my Breastfed Baby has a Dairy Allergy

How Do I Know if my Breastfed Baby has a Dairy Allergy


Breastfeeding is a wonderful way to nourish your baby, but it can be frustrating if you suspect your little one has a dairy allergy. A dairy allergy occurs when the body’s immune system reacts to the proteins found in cow's milk. This can result in symptoms such as eczema, colic, diarrhoea, and vomiting. As a breastfeeding mother, it can be difficult to determine if your baby has a dairy allergy, but there are some signs to watch for.

Symptoms of a Dairy Allergy in Breastfed Babies

  1. Skin rashes or eczema: One of the most common symptoms of a dairy allergy in breastfed babies is skin rashes or eczema. These rashes can appear as red, itchy patches on the face, neck, or chest.

  2. Colic: If your baby is colicky, meaning they cry excessively and have trouble sleeping, it may be a sign of a dairy allergy.

  3. Diarrhea: Another common symptom of a dairy allergy is diarrhea. If your baby has diarrhea, it is important to monitor their hydration levels to ensure they are not becoming dehydrated.

  4. Vomiting: Vomiting is also a sign of a dairy allergy in breastfed babies. If your baby is spitting up frequently, it may be a sign that they are allergic to the proteins in cow's milk.

  5. Blood in stools: In severe cases of dairy allergy, you may notice blood in your baby's stool. This is a serious symptom that requires medical attention.

What to Do if You Suspect a Dairy Allergy

If you suspect your baby has a dairy allergy, the first step is to speak with your paediatrician. They can help you determine if your baby's symptoms are related to a dairy allergy or something else entirely. If your baby is diagnosed with a dairy allergy, you will need to remove all dairy products from your diet, as the proteins can be passed through breast milk.

This may seem overwhelming at first, but there are many dairy-free alternatives available. You can try oat milk, almond milk, or coconut milk as a replacement for cow's milk. It is important to read labels carefully to ensure that the products you are consuming are truly dairy-free.

The symptoms of a dairy allergy can be difficult to spot, but if you suspect that your baby has a dairy allergy, it is important to speak with your paediatrician or doctor. With the right guidance and support, you can successfully navigate a dairy-free diet and ensure that your baby is healthy and happy.

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