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After two boys, my new-born Tiffany was the little girl I always wanted…. except she never slept! 

From the moment she was born she and I didn’t sleep for more than 40 mins at a time and after having two “easy” boys, my new screaming baby girl was foreign to me. She would feed, finish, fall asleep and lay her in the cot and then within 10 mins she would wake and start screaming in pain for hours on end.

I found myself constantly asking “What is wrong with her? What is wrong with me? Why does she scream so much?!” I asked and asked and asked, desperate to help relieve the pain (both hers and my own) and received no helpful answers.

This mama also needed sleep, I still had to be a mother to the boys and run a business as well!

After many sleepless weeks, she was finally diagnosed by a lactation consultant with silent reflux.

My Mum, a naturopath, developed a tea recipe to help and I started drinking it… it was exactly what she needed and it was the perfect solution.

Owning a tea business - Clean Tea - I knew we would be able to help other Mothers who were in the same situation. We named the first tea “ Mother’s Love Tea” because a Mother would do ANYTHING to help their baby and take away their pain and discomfort, AND we would do ANYTHING for sleep!

This tea went on to help over 10,000 of women with their colic, windy or babies with digestive discomfort. It is not a cure but it helps relieve their little bellies.

Today nothing makes me happier than receiving a message from a Mother who has been struggling to breastfeed their baby, and after using our teas, is able to do so and can enjoy their connection and experience fully with their baby… and get some sleep! I remember how hopeless I felt during that time and now it’s my mission to help as many Mothers around the world as I can.

Tiffany started school this year at the same time as I was starting to bring The Breastfeeding Tea Co to life. Those sleepless nights became an incredible gift in disguise that allowed me to bring our teas, and the community and support we are developing, to life and I am so grateful.

So, hang in there mamas… The sleepless nights don’t last forever. You’ve got this and we’re also here to help!


Founder The Breastfeeding Tea Co

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Jordana Edwards is founder of Clean Tea Australia and The Breastfeeding Tea Co. Created in 2013 in collaboration with her naturopath mother, Jordana first sold Clean Tea at the markets in Byron Bay before growing her “little tea stall” into a multimillion dollar ecommerce global business.As the recipient of an astounding 5 awards at the 2020 Ausmumprenuer Awards, this business powerhouse has also been listed as one of the 2020 Remodista International “Women to Watch” in business disruption, as well as being a nominee as a Facebook “Community Leader” for her work training, mentoring and supporting women in business in her local and rural area.